My preferred areas of legal practice relate to conflicts of interest, lobbying, elections, access to information and privacy. I have also worked in the fields of national security and cybersecurity.

The Conflict of Interest Commissioner has strict requirements for a person to act as a Trustee. If Public Office Holders require a trustee because of the Conflict of Interest Act I am available to act in that capacity.

I have included useful links to various laws and the offices that administer those laws. Over time I will add links to sites related to national security and cybersecurity.

I use the blog section to discuss current issues related to my areas of interest (including solicitor-client privilege). I expect to update that section three or four times a week.


I only take clients who have an interest in federal statutes or who live in the province of Ontario.

I bill clients on fixed price basis. Once we have determined a scope of work I provide a retainer letter describing the work and the price.

I do not bill on an hourly basis unless the client insists. My experience is that hourly billing encourages inefficiency and scope creep. It also means my clients are uncertain about their financial commitment.

I do not engage in lobbying. I will protect the client relationships of lobbyists seeking advice about their legal obligations or who refer clients to me.

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