Do not confuse misconduct with legitimate choice.

I have seen a number of posts/tweets that lump the government’s actions in SNC-Lavalin, the VAdm Norman trial and the Huawei extradition matter in with things like the Khadr settlement and various decisions on the immigration file. It is important to see the questions for what they really are. Conduct in the SNC-Lavalin matter, VAdm Norman’s trial and the Huawei extradition raises questions around how justice is administered. Are actors in the government taking steps, allegedly in secret, to bend the administration of justice? If so then that is unacceptable regardless of the outcome of the individual proceedings.

Matters like Khadr and the handling of immigration files are legitimate policy choices that are being made in the open. Those who disagree with those choices will have an opportunity to hold the Liberal government to account on election day.

Author: Tom Jarmyn