Federal Access to Information

Individual departments used to maintain stand alone sites with their completed responses to Access to Information Requests. These are now in the process of being migrated to a common Open Information portal . In one sense this is less useful because all of the requests from all of the departments are grouped together. However, the search engine appears to work reasonably well and the ability to search across departments for responses on related subjects is useful.

Interestingly when you click on the Organization tab on the left and then click on an individual organization you see the standard categories relating to ‘Travel’, ‘Hospitality’ etc. When you click on the category you get all of the entries from across government in that category. You then have to click on the Organization tab again, click on Show More and then select the organization that interests you. It is then possible to search those entries to refine the responses further.

I have put a number of requests for completed response in and we will see what the timeline for responses is.

Author: Tom Jarmyn