Justice Committee – Feb 21, 2019

Today’s Justice Committee hearing was surprising – it is “absolutely acceptable” to initiate communications with the decisionmaker in a prosecution (only if it is done in secret?), the PMO was so concerned about a multi-billion dollar business it took two months to forward a letter regarding its concerns, and, the Clerk of the Privy Council thinks several ministers are wonderful people and it is important that Parliament is aware of his opinion.

Further the Attorney General conflates solicitor-client privilege with a lawyer’s duty of confidentiality. The AG also now appears to believe that he will the person who decides whether solicitor-client privilege will be waived with respect to Ms. Wilson-Raybould. An interesting perspective in that solicitor-client privilege is the right of the client and the AG is not the client in this matter.

This was so astonishing I need to read a transcript.

Author: Tom Jarmyn